GALA Inflatable Boats

Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) with aluminum hull

A240, A270, A300, A330

ATLANTIS DoubleDeck A240D, A270D, A300D, A330D, A360D

A300Q, A330Q, A360Q

ATLANTIS Deluxe Tenders A300L, A330L

ATLANTIS Deluxe RIBs A360L (12′), A400L (13′)

ATLANTIS Deluxe RIBs A450L (15′), A500L (16.5′)

VIKING Tenders V330 (11′), V360 (12′)

VIKING Deluxe RIB V420 (13.5′)

VIKING Cruising RIB V500 (16.5′)

VIKING Cruising RIBs V580, V580F-Fishing (19′)

VIKING Cruising RIBs V650, V650F-Fishing (21.4′)

Foldable Inflatable Boats and Canoes

FREESTYLE Tenders F240, F270, F300, F330

FREESTYLE Sportboats F360, F390, F420, F450

FREESTYLE Airdeck boats F240A, F270A, F300A, F330A

SPRINTER Slatted Deck S240, S270, S300

SPRINTER S240D, S270D, S300D, S330D, S360D

CHALLENGER Canoes C320, C380, C450, C520